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Servant Leadership-Transforming Healthcare from the Inside Out by Teresa Deason (Author), Maggi Griffin (Author), The Servant Leaders at John C. Lincoln Medical Center (Author)

This book is about the lean transformation at one hospital as told by the Servant Leaders that work at John C. Lincoln Medical Center. Part of their journey was implementing the Deason Daily Management System to engage everyone in their improvement journey. The results of this work is featured in this book which shares the story of a place that went from in-fighting, low satisfaction scores and poor employee engagement to a place where staff refer to one another as family and patients always come first. Together, they were able to increase quality while reducing cost, but more importantly, we enabled the staff to feel engaged as an integral part of the production process from start to finish. While the history and transformation of John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital is unique, the problems they faced prior to their transformation are the problems faced by every healthcare facility and practically every workplace. Servant Leadership is so much more than giving power to the people who do the work. It is about leading the way for transformation in the workplace. All proceeds from this book will support the continuation of the remarkable work of the John C. Lincoln Health Foundation

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The Lean Synergy & Solutions Approach to LEAN

The Lean Synergy & Solutions Lean Management System transforms organizational culture with education, process improvement, daily management practices, and workplace organization. There is a strong focus on ensuring the service delivery model meets the customer's needs, at the same time honoring the needs of staff and leadership. Implementation plans are based on business life cycle, degree of past success with change management, business goals, and size of the organization.

The approach is structured and disciplined using Lean tools to link people, processes and profit to create a culture focused on persistent, intensive process improvement. Our consultants have hands-on implementation experience and use a collaborative consultation model to provide technical expertise, training and mentoring. We transfer skills and knowledge from the LSS consultants to internal Lean experts to sustain results. Read More

" The LSS Lean management system starts at the top and requires leadership engagement and support beyond funding and verbal endorsements of Lean as a methodology. Sweat equity on the part of leadership is a baseline requirement; no one can do that for you. "
Teresa Deason, Founder/President, Lean Synergy & Solutions