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We build on our lean consulting success in diverse industries to drive waste out of work processes. Our focus on lean management systems has resulted in dramatic operational and quality improvement, cost reduction, employee safety and staff engagement.

We partner with our clients in extraordinary ways. We begin by asking the question, "How can we ensure that your organization continues to drive out waste long after the lean coach leaves?" Our work with clients includes:

  • Establishing a Lean Management System that creates an engine of waste reduction
  • Certifying Lean Leaders who will ensure that this is a long term, generational effort
  • Certifying internal lean consultants in lean tools including Rapid Process Improvement, 5S for Work Place Organization, Value Stream Management, Daily Management Systems and 3P for Facility Design
  • Promoting the use of lean industry partners for each of our lean clients
  • Providing extensive lean training materials
  • Creating the infrastructure necessary to promote lean improvements
  • Developing lean champions on the Board of Directors

TERESA DEASON FOUNDER & PRESIDENT of Lean Synergy & Solutions, a high-impact consultancy committed to helping organizations improve their operational performance using lean techniques and systems coaching. She founded Lean Synergy & Solutions in 2006 to focus on coaching organizations on lean strategies and rapid improvement methods to support their strategic deployment initiatives. Teresa developed the Lean Synergy & Solutions Daily Management System which has been instrumental in transforming organizational cultures & driving improvement in staff engagement scores. She has led numerous study trips in North America. Teresa is a co-author in the book Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey in 2010 & Servant Leadership; Transforming Healthcare from the Inside, Out in 2015.

Lean Synergy & Solutions Associates are former executives who are lean experts with deep understanding of lean implementations. In addition to their range of 5- 25 years of experience, LSS Associates are skilled strategists, change agents, coaches and developers of internal talent. We are experienced and comfortable working in the Board Room as well as on the front line.

Lean Synergy & Solutions Mission, Vision and Values


We guide businesses to succeed by accelerating the rate of change within the organization on behalf of their customers and the communities they serve. As we grow our business, we will establish ourselves as leaders in providing high quality consulting services and affordable programs. By developing innovative approaches that leverage the client's internal resources as well as other local resources, we provide superior value to our clients.


To achieve sustainable growth we will gain the reputation as being the key ingredient to the success of local businesses and the communities that they serve. As we grow, our work environment will facilitate personal growth while building a network of meaningful and collaborative partnerships.


  1. Hire and develop great people - allow for individual self development while mastering quality skills
  2. Do what is best for our clients - listen and care for them beyond their expectations
  3. Pursue excellence in all that we do - it makes clients happy and gives real meaning to life
  4. Keep it simple - practice what we teach, focus on results and minimize administrative processes
  5. Be cost-effective - spend wisely to achieve our goals and values
  6. Be humble - it helps keep an open mind, caring attitude and respect for others
  7. Employ good judgment - doing what's 'right' when no one is looking makes empowerment work
  8. Under promise, over deliver - it builds precious credibility
  9. Consider the future - with an eye on the customer. Be flexible and open to new ideas and continuous improvement
  10. Teamwork - show respect at all times for the people & communities we work with because together we achieve more