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Case Studies

5S Safety Office

Paper management is a common office issue that can easily become overwhelming. After standardizing categories and filing systems, all team members could easily find what they need when they need it.

DMS Daily Management System

The Lean Synergy & Solutions Daily Management System (LSS DMS) is a management approach and a set of tools to help work groups improve their processes.

FIW Lab Manual Cell

Extra space was used for storing unneeded items and the underutilized refrigerator was occupying key floorspace. Unutilized cabinets were relocated which added 20' of needed work space and the refrigerator was replaced, creating space for 3 test zones.

RPI Interpreter Services

Wet laundry often sat in this laundry facility for over 24 hours. The new work cell allows continuous 'flow' and eliminated the 'batching' of laundry. Customer and employee satisfaction dramatically improved.


In preparation for a campus expansion, leadership decided to apply Lean 3P principles in the initial design phase. This reduced new construction by over 6,000 square feet, saving the organization $2.3 Million in new construction costs.