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The Lean Synergy & Solutions Lean Management System consists of transforming the culture with education, daily management practices, and innovative service delivery models to focus on the customer's needs. We structure implementation plans that are best suited for an organization based on their size, stage in the business life cycle and degree of past success with change management.

Using a structured, disciplined approach; we use a collaborative consultation model and provide technical expertise, hands on coaching and training. We transfer skills and knowledge from the LSS coaches to internal lean coaches to sustain results.

Cultural transformation is measured in years, not weeks or months. Therefore, embarking on a lean enterprise journey requires thoughtful planning and leadership commitment.

  • Is there a business case for change? Why change? Why now?
  • What investment is the organization willing to make for change? Time, resources & money
  • Is leadership willing to "stay the course"? Otherwise, lean becomes another "flavor of the month"

At Lean Synergy & Solutions, we believe that lean provides an enterprise management system along with a robust tool set and that education at all levels is a critical success factor.

" Because people make our automobiles, nothing gets started until we train and educate our people"
Eiji Toyoda

Lean Management System Implementation

1st 6 months

  • Educate and Train - leadership &staff
  • Implement LSS DMS™ across the organization
  • Identify lean champions - early adopters

Year 1

  • Lean Business Office established
  • Executive Leadership incorporates Strategy Deployment as the annual planning process
  • Value Stream approach to begin culture transformation

Year 1-3

  • Begin Improvement Workshops
    • Organize workspaces
    • Improve processes
  • Standard work established in most areas
  • Lean Leaders development
  • Lean Leader Standard Work
  • Daily Management System

Year 3-5

  • Staff engagement approaching 100%
  • Alignment with customers & suppliers
  • Strategic alignment of Value Streams