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Creating and Sustaining a Lean Culture

Successful implementation of a new management system requires creating and sustaining a Lean Culture. What is a Lean Culture?

  • "Culture" is the people side of any business. Specifically, how people think and act to service the needs of itscustomers.
  • "Lean Culture" refers to a workplace environment that thrives and is motivated by the relentless pursuit of becoming the best in quality, safety, morale, cost & delivering by improving processes and maximizing profits.

The Lean Synergy & Solutions lean management system starts at the top and requires leadership engagement and support beyond funding and verbal endorsements of lean as a methodology. Leaders learn and are coached to become Lean Leaders. Effective leadership is especially called for in times of rapid organizational change, a highly competitive marketplace or otherwise turbulent times. The LSS Daily Management System is proven to align teams to organization goals and transform the culture.

Team Work between Disciplines

We’ve already discussed how the Deason Daily Management System™ helped foster synergy and collaboration across disciplines but department directors all agree that this was a major factor in bringing about their raid transformation, and they also see it as integral to for the manifestation of the servant leadership philosophy.

excerpt from Servant Leadership: Transforming Healthcare from the Inside Out, Chapter 12